Beautiful Gold And Diamond Watches

Check out this video! Some of the most beautiful and high-end jewelry we have seen in a long time! Of interest to us are the gorgeous gold watches with diamond studded edges. Absolutely gorgeous and something we had to post for our viewers to see. As you know we here at love fine jewelry and we know that is why you are here too!

So enjoy the video and let us know what you think of the watches in the video. There also are a few other items you will enjoy viewing too, especially the spider type women’s broach with pin which can be worn or a blouse or dress jacket that we found to be stunning too. Nothing about the price as we are certain the jewelry items touched upon in the video are quite expensive and probably out of reach for most of our viewers and readership. As most are aware, gold is quite expensive now-a-days and coupled with the beautiful and very stunning diamonds, this jewelry discussed in the video are most likely many thousands of dollars.

Again enjoy the video and let us know what you think of the watches in the comments below! And as always, please continue to check back often for more great articles, videos and other jewelry related posts!

A Must For Every Jewelry Box

Black Diamonds – An Interesting Gem to Include in Your Jewelry Box

Black diamonds, in a way, are a sort of paradox. Unlike white diamonds, they absorb light instead of refracting it. Yes, black diamonds are real but they feature a crystalline structure that is different than their traditional counterparts.

The usual crystal structure of a diamond is what makes it glisten and shine. The light strikes the surface and is reflected as a result.

Black diamonds, on the other hand, have a structure that is considered polycrystalline in natuare. Therefore, the gemstone  is not made to produce any sparkly-type of effects. Instead, the “carbonado” crystal, known as a diamond, stubbornly  refuses to use its cut create a light-supported glow.

Not everyone can afford diamonds so here is an alternative to these beautiful gemstones you might like and find acceptable to you. This black rosary beads will give you an idea of what the black beads we referenced as an alternative will look like. Saints and more has a number of other beads you can take a look at to reference what we are discussing here.

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Seen in both the hues of black and gray, a black diamond is extracted from alluvial deposits in Brazil and Africa. The stone is more porous than other gemstones and therefore can be a challenge fashion and include in a jewelry design.

Just like a white diamond, you need to select a black diamond that exhibits a good cut as well as smooth surface. Black diamonds and white diamonds are assessed by their cut, clarity, color and carat weight.

The cut of the black diamond is a simple 16 facet design. Colors of the gem should be equally distributed. The clarity of the black diamond is deduced by the appearance of flaws or inclusions.

Grades, such as AAA, AA, or AA are considered best. A black stone with a one-carat weight will look smaller than a white diamond of the same weight as it has a greater density.

While many jewelry wearers like black diamonds in earrings or necklaces, the gemstone, because of its mysterious aura, is also now used for engagement rings or bridal sets.

So if you have not considered black diamonds before, then we hope that after reading this post you will certainly consider it then next time you are consider buying some new jewelry for the jewelry box!

How to Clean Your Precious Jewelry

Cleaning your precious jewelry can be an uphill task, especially if you aren’t sure about what you are doing. Even though professional cleaning is recommended once in a while, and is offered for free by most jewelers, there are ways you can learn to clean your precious jewelry items in between those professional cleaning sessions. Here is great site for rosary beads called My Holy Rosary which is worth checking out.

Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

When cleaning diamond, you can use a soft, non-metallic bristle brush with a mild ammonia and water solution. Using the brush, gently scrub off any unwanted build-up that may have accumulated on your diamond jewelry item. After cleaning, avoid touching it because the oil in your hands might dull it.

Cleaning Gemstones

Cleaning any form of birthstone jewelry is a lot easier than cleaning many jewelry pieces made of other materials. Warm some water and mix with soap. Then soak your gemstone jewelry for a few minutes. Once you remove it from the soap solution, use a non-metallic soft brush to clean away any grime that may have accumulated on this jewelry piece. However, don’t use a harsh chemical or a rough brush because these might corrode the surface of your beloved jewelry. If you notice that your jewelry is dull after a session of washing, take it to your local dealer and have it re-oiled.


Unlike other jewelry pieces, pearl is very delicate when it comes to cleaning it. Without proper knowledge, you can damage it while cleaning. And you can also easily dull it during the cleaning process. So it’s recommended that you have it cleaned by a professional rather than trying to clean it yourself.


Most jewelry pieces made of metal are durable and difficult to damage during the cleaning process. When you want to clean your metal jewelry, use a soft brush, dipped in rubbing alcohol to dissolve the grime. If you are cleaning a piece of jewelry made up of solid metal, eg. a pair of gold stud earrings, you can easily soak them in a solution of rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. However, do not attempt to soak any jewelry piece that has pearl or any precious birthstone in alcohol as they may get damaged.

Use of ultra-sonic cleaning

Chances are high that you may have seen them at your local jewelry store. The ultrasonic cleaner will clean your jewelry by using sound waves that vibrate the grime gently over the piece of jewelry. Usually, it shakes off dirt and grime, but caution should be taken during this procedure as it can damage your jewelry.

Another point to note is that precious birthstones and pear jewelry should not be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner.

A good way to stay upbeat with your jewelry at all times is to consult your jeweler on how to clean your precious jewelry in between professional cleaning sessions. They will recommend solutions that are gentle to your type of jewelry, and they may also sell you the type of brush that won’t harm the appearance of your jewelry.

Why Pendants, Chokers and Chains are Becoming Popular Today

necklacesNo doubt, necklaces have become a popular jewelry that every woman find irresistible. There are numerous, stylish necklaces a woman can choose from. They come in different styles, sizes and materials as well. As for the 21st century woman, the act of putting on the correct necklace will bring elegance and variety to the type of outfit they are putting on. Different women have different tastes, however, necklaces of every type can be found, whether plain, simple, or complicated. There are 3 types of amazing necklaces for women. They include chokers, pendants and chains. The best thing is that you’ll get a necklace that suits your budget.

Stylish necklaces vary with design, and can be made out of several different materials. They are becoming more elaborate and conspicuous than the previous styles. But they also vary in quality. Top end jewelry makers use stunning and precious metals like gold and silver to make their jewelry. On the other hand, simpler materials such as glass, wood, rock or fabric are ideal. Again, these will suit every simple taste and on a slim budget.

Jewelers also use unusual materials and this trend is becoming quite popular these days. These necklaces have a distinct look, a sure prove that you don’t need to break the bank in order to get a stylish necklace.

Overtime, the design for women necklaces have really changed. They have become elaborate and distinct than the previous ones. Traditional chains are some of the popular styles we’ve seen women buying throughout the ages. Though they are sometimes understated, these can be a fashion statement which can be worn on any occasion comfortably. You can choose to wear them, either inside or outside your clothing to reveal their beauty. Again, they come in varying lengths, with or without emblems at the end. Chains can be worn on any apparel because they look sensational on every occasion.

Chokers, on the other hand, have a more defined look. Their design is such that they can show off the neckline. So you need to wear them more tightly around the neck. Often, they are made of velvet materials with a stunning jewel and emblem attached to them. Chokers are amazing necklaces that are ideal for evening outings when your outfit demands a touch of some elegance. If you have a huge budget, then you could go for the diamond studded ones. They are stunning necklaces in which women should wear in specific occasion.

Pendant necklaces have an additional variety of ornaments attached to their chains. They are made out of several different materials. Wearing them outside your clothing is very fine as it allows people around you to admire it. However, the size of the pendant in question should be considered, lest it become too large so that it is entangled with other items.

If you are looking for amazing necklaces for women, there you have it. You have myriads of options to choose from, no matter your budget. It’s up to you when it comes to choosing which necklace you want.

Great Ways to Find the Best Wedding Rings for Women

ringsAs for any couple, the best day comes when they are doing their wedding. This is a very special day that marks the new beginning because they are declared husband and wife. But this day is also sealed by wedding rings, which is a symbol of commitment, affection and love for one another. Though weddings are fun and full of happy moments, they can turn to be stressful if not prepared for. Getting the perfect wedding ring, therefore, becomes the most important thing, and should be at the top of your to-do-list. Before making a decision on the kind of wedding ring you’ll buy, it’s important that you be keen to choose only the best.

Wedding rings for women are readily found at jewelry shops. There are numerous stores, both online and offline that have specialized in selling these rings. To get the best, make use of jewelry stores that only deal with wedding accessories. Different people have different taste and preference when it comes to choosing their ultimate wedding ring for this big day. It’s a good idea to consult your wife (to be) before heading to the stores to buy jewelry. When buying your wife a wedding ring, you’ll also need to know which material you’d want that particular jewelry to be made of.

Today, wedding rings come in a vast array of materials, eg gold, white gold, silver, platinum and gemstone. These are just some of the materials you can choose. Again, knowing which ones will work for you is also important. You should know whether you need a light or heavy ring, a thick or thin ring etc. You’ll make your choices based on these factors.

Good wedding rings for women should contain gemstone and precious stones on them. Say it can be made from gold, but at the same time include diamond. These stones are meant to enhance the beauty of the ring. It’s also best to choose rings whose colors are a match with the wedding theme. You could also personalize your wedding ring to have that customized look–the possibilities are endless.

And the best way in which you can shop for a wedding ring is through the web. It’s a good platform that allows you to make comparison and only pick on the best for your wife. The web will expose you to a variety of rings you can choose from. So your part is to carry out an extensive research on dealers whom you think are having the best prices. However, caution should be taken when shopping for rings online as there are a number of dubious sites out there.

When looking to find the best ring for your wife, take time before settling for a particular dealer. Different jewelry stores sell their items for different prices. So make use of testimonials by clients who are happy about their services. Though many people tend to think that cheap jewelry has negative connotation, that’s not very true, and such statements don’t hold water. Don’t go out of your budget in the name of getting quality.