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Black Diamonds – An Interesting Gem to Include in Your Jewelry Box

Black diamonds, in a way, are a sort of paradox. Unlike white diamonds, they absorb light instead of refracting it. Yes, black diamonds are real but they feature a crystalline structure that is different than their traditional counterparts.

The usual crystal structure of a diamond is what makes it glisten and shine. The light strikes the surface and is reflected as a result.

Black diamonds, on the other hand, have a structure that is considered polycrystalline in natuare. Therefore, the gemstone┬á is not made to produce any sparkly-type of effects. Instead, the “carbonado” crystal, known as a diamond, stubbornly┬á refuses to use its cut create a light-supported glow.

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Seen in both the hues of black and gray, a black diamond is extracted from alluvial deposits in Brazil and Africa. The stone is more porous than other gemstones and therefore can be a challenge fashion and include in a jewelry design.

Just like a white diamond, you need to select a black diamond that exhibits a good cut as well as smooth surface. Black diamonds and white diamonds are assessed by their cut, clarity, color and carat weight.

The cut of the black diamond is a simple 16 facet design. Colors of the gem should be equally distributed. The clarity of the black diamond is deduced by the appearance of flaws or inclusions.

Grades, such as AAA, AA, or AA are considered best. A black stone with a one-carat weight will look smaller than a white diamond of the same weight as it has a greater density.

While many jewelry wearers like black diamonds in earrings or necklaces, the gemstone, because of its mysterious aura, is also now used for engagement rings or bridal sets.

So if you have not considered black diamonds before, then we hope that after reading this post you will certainly consider it then next time you are consider buying some new jewelry for the jewelry box!