How to Clean Your Precious Jewelry

Cleaning your precious jewelry can be an uphill task, especially if you aren’t sure about what you are doing. Even though professional cleaning is recommended once in a while, and is offered for free by most jewelers, there are ways you can learn to clean your precious jewelry items in between those professional cleaning sessions. Here is great site for rosary beads called My Holy Rosary which is worth checking out.

Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

When cleaning diamond, you can use a soft, non-metallic bristle brush with a mild ammonia and water solution. Using the brush, gently scrub off any unwanted build-up that may have accumulated on your diamond jewelry item. After cleaning, avoid touching it because the oil in your hands might dull it.

Cleaning Gemstones

Cleaning any form of birthstone jewelry is a lot easier than cleaning many jewelry pieces made of other materials. Warm some water and mix with soap. Then soak your gemstone jewelry for a few minutes. Once you remove it from the soap solution, use a non-metallic soft brush to clean away any grime that may have accumulated on this jewelry piece. However, don’t use a harsh chemical or a rough brush because these might corrode the surface of your beloved jewelry. If you notice that your jewelry is dull after a session of washing, take it to your local dealer and have it re-oiled.


Unlike other jewelry pieces, pearl is very delicate when it comes to cleaning it. Without proper knowledge, you can damage it while cleaning. And you can also easily dull it during the cleaning process. So it’s recommended that you have it cleaned by a professional rather than trying to clean it yourself.


Most jewelry pieces made of metal are durable and difficult to damage during the cleaning process. When you want to clean your metal jewelry, use a soft brush, dipped in rubbing alcohol to dissolve the grime. If you are cleaning a piece of jewelry made up of solid metal, eg. a pair of gold stud earrings, you can easily soak them in a solution of rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. However, do not attempt to soak any jewelry piece that has pearl or any precious birthstone in alcohol as they may get damaged.

Use of ultra-sonic cleaning

Chances are high that you may have seen them at your local jewelry store. The ultrasonic cleaner will clean your jewelry by using sound waves that vibrate the grime gently over the piece of jewelry. Usually, it shakes off dirt and grime, but caution should be taken during this procedure as it can damage your jewelry.

Another point to note is that precious birthstones and pear jewelry should not be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner.

A good way to stay upbeat with your jewelry at all times is to consult your jeweler on how to clean your precious jewelry in between professional cleaning sessions. They will recommend solutions that are gentle to your type of jewelry, and they may also sell you the type of brush that won’t harm the appearance of your jewelry.