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World Famous Black Diamonds

Black diamond engagement rings stand out for many reasons. Some world famous black diamonds might have inspired your black diamond engagement ring.

Caring for Your Gold Engagement Ring

Maintaining your gold engagement ring involves a couple of special measures. Learn about them here.

Museums Which May Inspire London Engagement Ring Designers

The charms of London town need not be sold to anyone any longer. Even the most out-of-touch of tourists will undoubtedly be well aware of the many stunning sights, attractions, monuments and hidden gems the British capital has to offer. Nor are the City’s charms lost on the locals; London engagement ring designers, for instance, often can derive inspiration for their exceptional pieces simply by taking a walk around the centre of this magnificently unique European capital.

The Importance of Carat in Gold Engagement Rings

Carat can be extremely important when choosing gold engagement rings. Find out why in this article.

Unique Engagement Ring Designers From Brazil Make Waves

Fact: inspiration is universal, and can sometimes emerge from the unlikeliest places. Also fact: fashion is universal to a large portion of the western world, as most countries which constitute what is generally known as the ‘first world’ share the same dress and accessory codes and tropes. Considering the two statements above, both of which are true, it ought not to be quite so surprising to discover that Brazil is a veritable hotbed for unique engagement ring designers and designers of distinctive-looking jewellery in general.

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