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Art Deco Engagement Rings Inspired by The Great Gatsby

The opulent and glamorous jewellery featured in the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ stole the show. Art deco engagement rings are now all the rage.

Caring For Opal Diamond Rings

Some engagement ring designers may put customers off choosing opal rings, but why? The stone is actually a tough one to care for; find out more here.

Black Diamonds: A Sturdy Alternative For An Engagement Ring

Engagement ring designers looking for virtually indestructible rings would do well to invest in black diamonds, or ‘carbonados’. They are beautiful and tough.

Four of the Worst Proposal Ideas: A How Not To Guide

Coming up with proposal ideas is fun, but know your limits before you get started! This is a ‘How Not To’ Guide on proposing.

How To Spot A False Diamond

Not all diamond engagement rings have genuine diamonds topping them. Here’s how to tell if your stone is false.

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