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A Perfect Engagment Ring Is Best Created By A Bespoke Designer

The ring inventory found on the high street can be quite generic. For the perfect engagment ring that is exquisite and unique why not go bespoke?

Engagement Rings and Planning Your Dream Wedding

You are engaged! Your boyfriend went out and browsed what seemed like one million engagement rings and he found you the most perfect one. Now that you have the engagement ring on your finger, you can finally begin planning the wedding of your dreams.

Vintage Jewelry by Monet and What It Signifies in Today’s’ World of Fashion

Jewelry has always been used to make statements for generations. Their unique styles coupled with the setting of fabulously expensive stones, gems set in gold, silver or metal are something to behold and appreciate.

The Top Annual Events for London Engagement Ring Designers

London engagement ring designers are spoiled for choice when it comes to events to visit or at which to exhibit. Below are only some of the main ones.

Tips on How to Choose Quality Cheap Beads

Buying beads online is definitely the most convenient way of purchasing them. There are many jewelry makers who don’t have access to retail outlets in order to get wholesale prices on gems, semi-precious gems, beads or pearls. However, with so many people selling these things online, there is a wide variety to choose from and the quality of beads ranges from stellar to very poor.

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