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The Goldsmiths’ Fair: A Mecca for London Engagement Ring Designers

Among the many shows London engagement ring designers can attend every year, none is as prominent as the Goldsmiths’ Fair. Learn why below.

Wedding Bands and The Advice People Tell You About Being Married

The day you get married is certainly going in the record books! This will be an exciting time in your life when you can finally look at your partner and call them your spouse.

Choosing the Right Men’s Wedding Band

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions of the life, isn’t it? From the celebration to the wedding band everything needs to be in order. In fact, choosing the right wedding band is one of the most crucial preparations of a marriage ceremony especially if it is for a guy.

A Stunning Diamond Can Appear in Many Places, Some More Notable Than Others

Obviously, one of the most common places you will see a beautiful diamond is mounted upon a dazzling engagement ring. However, most would agree, men and women alike, that the stunning diamond encrusted Fantasy bras created by Victoria’s Secret are each a sight that is not quickly forgotten. Raising the Bar Since 1996, Victoria’s Secret has brought out a new jaw-dropping Fantasy Bra every year, each one even more magnificent than the one before.

Arland Ben Jewelry Is Among the Finest and Most Collectible Artists

Native American artist, Arland Ben was born in Bluff, Utah. He is famous for his overlay gold and silver jewelry which features hand cut overlay design and a rare gem grade turquoise.

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