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Diamond Buying Guide: How To Ensure A Diamond Is Conflict Free

If you are interested in buying loose stones for investment purposes or just want to buy one to have it set on a ring, then you might have encountered the term “conflict free diamonds”. It might be confusing to first time buyers especially of diamonds.

How the Seasons Can Inspire Unique Engagement Ring Designers

All four seasons can inspire unique engagement ring designers in entirely different ways. The article below details how.

Custom Jewellery, Calgary Mothers: Precious Meets Priceless

There are a lot of gestures worthy of a thank you gift. If you had to pick one, it’s hard to top carrying someone inside you for nine months and then enduring unspeakable pain to get them out. That’s something truly worthy of custom jewellery. Calgary mothers don’t ask for much in return, but once in a while for Mother’s Day, her birthday or just because, a little thoughtfulness can go a long way to showing her how much you love and value her.

Styles of Wedding Bands and Insuring Them

There are many different styles of wedding bands to choose from when you are preparing to tie the knot with your significant other. If you do not love any particular style available in your local jewelry store.

Loose Diamonds: A Natural Phenomenon Can Be Yours

Even if you do not know anything about jewelry whatsoever, you will certainly know that loose diamonds are the most popular stones to use when designing a piece of jewelry. Not only are they sparkly and attract the attention of onlookers, but they also are more valuable than most other gemstones.

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