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About Natural, Treated And Faux Gemstones

Natural gemstones are stones that haven’t been interfered with by humans. While they will have been cut and polished by the time they are in your local jewelry store, for them to be called natural they shouldn’t be treated in any way. Treated gemstones – Treated gemstones are units that have been exposed to treatment methods in order to enhance their look. Contrary to popular belief, treated units aren’t fake. In fact they can be better looking than the natural units as their looks have been improved. While they might be better looking, they are usually cheaper than their natural counterparts.

Discover Zambian Emerald

As beautiful as they are to wear, emeralds make a fascinating read too! Probe into the history of Zambian Emerald and discover some interesting facts about this amazing gemstone.

Trendy Jewellery To Make You More Beautiful

George Eliot rightly said “These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of”. Different gems denote different things. For instance, Diamonds are regarded as the ultimate gift and the promise of eternal love. Ruby is red in color represents passion, love and emotion. It is believed that the wearer of this gem is bestowed with good fortune. Sapphire on the other hand represents honesty, loyalty, purity and trust. Peridot is considered to protect its wearer against nightmares; also it is believed that this gem instills power and influence. Emerald is considered the color of spring and symbolizes love and rebirth also it is considered to aid in fertility. Swarowski Zirconia is considered to be aiding in resting, bringing prosperity, and promoting honor and wisdom.

How to Choose the Right Fossil Watch Boutiques in Mumbai and Kolkata?

Fossil brings revolutionized timepieces that are enjoying unparalleled fame globally. If you are finding authentic watch boutiques in Mumbai and Kolkata, read the content to know more.

Most Popular Tissot Waterproof Watches

Tissot watches are known for their sporty appearance and robust features. The brand has made a strong position for designing timepieces that are induced with a 300 meter water resistant capacity.

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