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Rado Watches Honoured With the Supremacy of Art

Rado is such a brand that holds magnificent watches for the generation. These watches reveal an everlasting appeal of the watchmaking the remains glamorous always.

Greatest Myths About Buying Diamond Engagement Rings Busted

There are numerous myths that restrain buyers from choosing the best jewelry. Here are all of those myths about jewelry selection busted so that you can make your decision with a peaceful mind.

Wear And Care Tips For Flower Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings are generally designed to hang below earlobes and come attached using a hook. They have a way of making the wearer look elegant as they move around with the movement of the wearer. These earrings can contain pearls, gemstones, crystals and beads hanging from a small bar. Flower dangle earrings come in amazing floral designs with elaborate details making them stand out. If you love flowers then you will definitely find the long flower earrings appealing.

Prince William And Other Royals And Their Non Existent Wedding Rings

This article highlights the reason why Prince William doesn’t wear a wedding ring and also talks about other royals who wear and who don’t. By the end of article, it stats the reason why Prince George is always seen in shorts.

Proposing Your Love? Know All About Diamonds And Engagement Rings

This article will be a great help for those who are all set to get engaged soon. It talks about some easy- peasy tips they should keep in mind while buying a ring for their partners. Moreover, it also highlights certain facts about diamonds from its history, origin to some exciting did you knows. Read and explore by yourself the world of rings and diamonds.

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