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Behind the Sparkle – A Guide to Diamonds

They’ve been described as a girl’s best friend, of being forever, and have been synonymous with engagement ring designs for generations. They’ve featured more than any other precious stone in popular culture, from song titles to movies, and are universally recognized as the most sought after gemstone in the world.

Elegant And Engaging Military Memorials

There are hundreds of historical markers and memorials located all across the United States. Some commemorate points of historical interest, important battles, or significant cultural achievements. Many of these monuments help document the history of different regions of the country and celebrate the achievements of the people who lived there.

Going Above and Beyond in Custom Jewelry Design

There is more to creating original custom jewelry than merely making beautiful pieces that look stunning when taken in any context. Most jewellery customers expect the results to reflect something personal to them, to their personality, and to their taste.

Finding The Perfect Coloured Gemstone: Top Tips

Whether you prefer understated pieces or the flashier bits of bling, there is absolutely no denying that quality pieces of jewellery are simply fantastic. From an evening out to your daily visit to the office; the right jewellery can make an outfit and the wearer feel incredibly special, more so if it’s diamonds.

Are Wooden Beads Durable?

Wooden beads have been used by jewelry makers, and for the purpose of beading on garments for centuries. Many people think of the glass, porcelain, and ceramic beads when they are choosing items that will be long lasting, but do not over-look wooden beads if you want an item to last indefinitely.

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