BohemStyle Diy Jewelry Box April 2022 Opening

Golden Globes: Contemporary Jewelry Design

Jewelry designing has changed from the traditional gold and silver, to items that are more easily available. Fusion jewelry seems to be in demand and are attracting eyeballs.

Hiring Jewelry Catches Fancy

Bengaluru-based Shilpa Kanitker had several family events to attend within a month. Like all other women, she wanted to look the best at every occasion. Clothes were not a problem for Shilpa, who had a wardrobe full of them.

Are Fluorescent Diamonds Worth Less?

Around 1 in 3 diamonds are naturally fluorescent and we want help you decided if this is a good or bad thing when it comes to buying a diamond. There are lots of factors when it comes to buying diamonds but which ones are really important and mean the most to the look of the stone? As a professional jeweller and bespoke jewellery designer we have the inside knowledge to help you choose the right diamond and weather the fact a diamond fluoresces or not matters to you.

Gemstone Pendants – An Ideal Gift for Any Event

Birth Gemstones pendants are a very good choice for gifting purpose. It has some astrological value also. Nonetheless, you should be cautious in order to get the right quality.

Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite You may not have heard of the gem Tanzanite, but that’s because there hasn’t been much time for the word to get around. Discovered only five decades ago, Tanzanite is among humankind’s new found favourites.

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