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Custom Jewelry Service Awards Outshine the Competition

In an ideal world, the ultimate service awards would exceed your wildest dreams: Fame; fortune; Christmas without the in-laws. Reality dictates that we set our sights more reasonably, but that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge. There are still some excellent options for memorable service awards and, for several reasons, custom jewelry tops the list.

Engagement Rings Have Not Always Been the Norm

Engagement rings are very common in modern times, but they were not always so popular. Throughout history, this gift of a lavish diamond engagement ring was uncommon. Instead, the husband would give his wife something of only nominal value in order to secure her heart when he promised to marry her.

Chopard Watches – Performance Is the Key!

Chopard watches over the years have launched several collections, each one of which is distinctly different from the other. One such collection is the Chopard Elton John range. Dedicated to Sir Elton John, this is a limited edition collection and available in all the authorized stores of Chopard.

Simon G Jewelry – The Designers With a Difference

In spite of the presence of so many other jewelry stores, Simon G. jewelry has not lost their market share and this is because of their diverse collections of jewelry items that successfully cater to individual taste and preference.

Anniversary Rings: Divorce Is Crushing Their Existence

People get married all the time in our quickly-developing world. Taking the plunge into marriage seems like a regular occurrence for most. However, the majority of these marriages do not seem to last but a couple of years. Not only is this unfortunate for the couple, but it also greatly affects the industry of anniversary rings.

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