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Common Mistakes Made by Brides While Accessorizing for Wedding

Although many special occasions come in a woman’s life, wedding tops all. It is in this special occasion that she shines like a princess from top to bottom. Bridal outfit and accessories are very important and must be chosen correctly in order to sport the desired look.

Be a Smart Gold Coin Purchaser

More and more people are setting aside a major chunk of their income for purchasing valuable metals like gold, particularly in the form of gold coins. This move is most often aimed at increasing their assets. Investors most often go for investments which would fetch them high returns and those that would not lose its shine for longer period.

Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gifting Ideas!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, guys are in full swing shopping for the most romantic gifts to surprise their sweethearts. Instead of gifting the usual greeting cards, flower bouquets and rings, try to give unique gifts that will make this Valentine’s Day more special for your beloved. Since women are obsessed with distinct fashion jewellery, gifting them will win their hearts.

Loose Diamonds – How They Were Used Initially

Diamonds have remained as an object of interest and mystery for many centuries. In ancient times, they were believed to be protected by divine forces in the form of deadly reptiles like snakes and scorpions. Ancient people also thought that they possessed some kind of super natural power.

Selecting Fancy Shaped Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds can be found in various fancy shapes, each with a unique property of their own. Some of the regularly and widely used shapes include round, marquise, pear, oval, radiant, emerald, princess and heart. While selecting fancy shaped loose diamonds, it is better to have some idea about their cut, ideal number of facets they need to have and their characteristics.

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