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Comfort Fit Engagement Ring Bands

Among the many mistakes newlyweds or engaged couples make when shopping for engagement ring bands, one of the most common (and costly) is to neglect measuring each partner’s fingers in order to ensure the band is the right fit. This, of course, can lead to uncomfortably tight bands, which are unpleasant to wear and can cause problems such as restricting circulation and rubbing. As a result of this oversight, many engagement ring bands end up being returned to the store within a few weeks for re-sizing – which, of course, leads to extra expenditure on the couple’s part.

Differences Between White and Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

In the engagement ring market, and the jewellery market as a whole, gold continues to be one of the most popular types of metal. With its classic look and perennial connotations to wealth and sophistication, the ‘yellow metal’ continues to be a popular choice for the wedding and engagement bands of many brides around the world. However, the many colours and hues in which gold jewellery is available in the current market sometimes cause a touch of confusion amongst less experienced or informed couples.

Custom Design Jewelry: You Be The Designer

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that is not only original but will also catch the eye of everyone you come in contact with, you should be browsing the collections of custom design jewelry. These interesting pieces of custom jewelry are setting new trends in the fashion industry and people are loving them. Whether you have a large business and would like to thank your employees with a simple gift or you would like to build and design your very own collection of handmade jewelry, playing the designer even for just a moment can be a fun…

Buying Wholesale Jewelry Online Without Getting Duped

Do you want to know where you can find legitimate and reliable wholesale jewelry suppliers? The internet is an excellent resource where you can find tons of wholesalers but you have to be little careful so that you don’t get duped.

Insurance Appraisal Is a Necessity for Accurate Insurance Coverage

As a proud owner of fine jewelry, you probably know that it is important to protect yourself and your valuables with insurance. In order to have your precious items covered by an insurance company, you must first have it appraised. An insurance appraisal is definitely more of a benefit than a burden because, even if you have a bill of sale, the value of precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones has a history of increasing in value as time goes on.

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