Confetti Beads 2.0 (Jewelry Making) Retro-Redo

Measuring Your Ring Size Is Easier Than You Think

Whether it’s an illustrious piece, or one that lends a graceful fluidity, most people enjoy wearing rings. It is amazing to know how many people deter from purchasing a ring online, simply because they do not have the opportunity to fit it first.

3 Ways To Enhance Your White Gold Engagement Ring

Want to make your white gold engagement ring stand out? Read on to discover three different eye-catching accent stones that can help do just that.

The Most Fashionable 3 Engagement Ring Cuts

A chic engagement ring cut can turn your hand into an instant fashion statement. Learn here which three styles are sure to make your ring dazzle.

Sapphire Engagement Rings: Why Are Some Cheaper Than Others?

Shopping for a sapphire engagement ring on a budget? Consider these two options that offer you more affordable choices when shopping for the perfect ring.

Eternity Rings: What You Need To Know

Whether you have had previous experience or not, buying jewellery for the special woman in your life is no easy task. From her personal preferences, to budgets to her lifestyle; there are numerous issues to consider and keep in mind in order to ensure you not only buy something she will like but something that will look, feel and remain comfortable no matter what she does.

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