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Solitaire or Halo Engagement Ring?

When buying diamonds, it’s vital to select the best quality. The factors that define the quality of a diamond are: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. White diamonds are mostly colorless and allow maximum light to pass through.

Does It Have to Be Gold?

How to buy beautiful quality jewellery that will last indefinitely at a fraction of the cost. Knowing what’s available isn’t always obvious.

What Types Of Necklace Clasps Are There?

When you are making necklaces for yourself or other to wear, it is important to consider how the wearer will get the necklace on or off over their head. If you have made a long necklace, it will usually be possible to simply slip the necklace on or off, and if you have made the necklace out of an elasticized material, it will be possible to stretch the piece until it is large enough to go over the wearer’s head.

How to Look After Your Wedding Ring

Taking care of your wedding ring is generally not as difficult as you may imagine it to be. It has been discovered that the one piece of jewelry that people lose most frequently is their ring. This is mainly due to negligence on their part.

Why You Can Trust Platinum for Your Engagement Rings

There is a very wide range of engagement rings available today, but before one chooses any design, it is important to select the metal used for making the rings. Other than gold, platinum and palladium are often used for this purpose. However, platinum is the most frequently used metal for making engagement rings/wedding bands.

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