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Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings Don’t Have to Be Simply a Dream

Sunny yellow diamond engagement rings are a beautiful and realistic choice for a coloured engagement ring. They may be unusual but are increasingly popular.

What Are Mokume Gane Engagement Ring Bands?

Mokume gane engagement ring bands are some of the most original examples of the genre available on the market. Learn about them here.

Just a Black Engagement Ring or a Diamond From Outer Space?

I just can’t quite get over the fascinating idea of an intergalactic meteorite engagement ring. In terms of bragging rights, you simply cannot top that, right? I think L might be a little ticked off with me for harping on about it.

The Types Of Glamorous Diamond Rings – The Stylish Bond

For many enthusiasts, the only regret about the diamond rings is the fact that we are born with only 10 fingers and space for two rings – the wedding ring and the engagement ring. The brilliance of the stone being worn, though, often makes up for that problem. For most women, a fond memory is one where she remembers her first diamond ring.

The Carbonado in Your Black Engagement Ring Is the Toughest Diamond Ever

After my fiancee, Laura mentioned that we could possibly use a meteorite as the centre stone of our engagement ring, I was sold! However, I was concerned that Laura just might not be able to handle such a hefty stone on her ring and honestly, I imagine that after a while, having to drag her left hand on the ground everyday due to its weight, might get a little bit annoying, especially while typing. And it would really slow her down when she races into Tube stations.

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