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Should You Opt For Crystal Or Stainless Steel?

Fashion jewelry comes in many forms. You could opt for ordinary metal jewelry which have gold or silver plating. You could even opt for sterling silver jewelry.

Cold Feet Over the Engagement Ring Before Christmas

Have you been planning on proposing to your one and only this Christmas? If so, then have you got the engagement ring yet? You can’t ask someone to marry you without the rock! We get that you’ve been going over this in your head for weeks and weeks, but it’s time to get out there and really start looking.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Your Wedding Bands

It’s funny that when it comes to an event involving so much planning, like a wedding, there are so many things that can get overlooked. Not just little things either sometimes, but some of the more major aspects of the ceremony. Many couples (and their parents) will spend hours trying to figure out who should sit where at the reception but when it comes to choosing the right wedding bands they will barely give it a thought.

Quick and Easy Diamond Engagement Ring Advice

When we go to buy presents for the ones we love, we could use a little bit of help in the idea department. Then, there are other times where you know you should be seeking the advice of others – you know, like when you decide to buy your girlfriend an engagement ring. Yeah, you should definitely consider asking for some sage advice when this kind of a purchase is in order. There’s no shame in asking. It would only be a shame if you messed this up.

Go! Fight! Win! Score a Touchdown With The Engagement Ring

A lot of gentlemen get nervous when it comes to buying the engagement ring. They know they want to ask you to be their lawfully wedded wife, but walking into a fine jewelry store just doesn’t quite suit their manly personas. Now, if there were leather couches, flat screen TVs with the game on, and cold drinks available, then they might feel a little differently about walking in there.

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