Curated Bead Box Sea Jewels March 2022 Opening

How Do I Look at the Colour of the Pearl to See the Best Colour?

To begin with, virtually all “black pearls” you see for sale will be dyed. Only pearls from “Pinctada Margaritifera” (the Black Lip Oyster) are naturally black and they’re rare. Rarity, of course, equates to price.

What Is Diamond Certification?

How do you know which diamond to buy? Which ones are authentic and which not?

How to Clean Your Diamond Jewelry at Home

Do you realize it’s important to keep your diamonds clean to allow them to maintain their sparkle? If you have worn your diamonds rings for some time, you must have noticed that it suddenly became lifeless after a while. Some people might think it’s because of the life of a diamond. Actually, a grubby stone is more than likely the cause.

India – Jewellery Destination and Jewellery Shops in India

India is a country that boasts about its heritage and culture. The different states of India showcase its vibrant colors and traditions and the jewelleries of India depicts its cultural hue from all platform.

Silver Jewelry – A Must for Your Next Occasion

How often have you browsed through an e-catalog of sterling jewelry diamond jewelry and said, “I wish I could have them all.” Several women love to show off the elegance of such jewels, be it bracelets, earrings, studs, rings, pendants or necklaces.

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