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The Significance and Tradition of Wedding Pearls

Pearls have a long history of being treasured gifts, dating back to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt, where they were prized for their radiant natural beauty and lustrous iridescence. Pearls have an almost equally long-standing tradition of being worn by a bride on her wedding day, and today pearls still closely associated with weddings, love, and marriage. Luckily, in current times, wearing pearls on your wedding day is something that is not restricted to only brides of the royal or ruling class, and pearls are not out of reach for even modern brides on budget.

How to Pick a Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement is one of the most important events in a woman’s life and nothing can mark this more significantly than with a ring. While there are different approaches to propose marriage, most of them are presented with diamond engagement rings. Learn how to evaluate a diamond and go about buying an engagement ring with this easy to follow guide.

Revealing Diamond Hoop Earrings Shopping Secrets

Thinking of diamond earrings itself can make your head go spinning as you can find them in unimaginable designs, shapes, sizes and costs. You cannot go wrong with your choice if you opted for diamond earrings, especially when it comes to hoops as they are a class apart. No other earrings can be as sensational and womanly as hoops.

Is Titanium Worth Investing On?

There is no industry that is more exhilarating than the world of accessories and jewelry. Fierce and cut-throat, it is a place where only the best rise to the top. But in recent years, many retailers and jewelers will say that it had been tougher to sell jewelry lately, mostly due to the global financial crises.

The Cullinan Diamond Mine – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Prospecting for heavy minerals in South Africa led to one of the largest and geologically oldest kimberlite pipe discovery around 1900 near the South African capital of Pretoria. Today the Premier Diamond Mining Company is now The Cullinan Diamond Mine and operates as one of the world’s top producers of large, high-quality Type II gem diamonds and has produced more than 25% of the world’s diamonds weighing more than 400 carats. It is the world’s only significant source of natural blue diamonds.

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