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Wedding Rings and Some Unwelcome Advice That Always Comes Along

When it comes to wedding advice, it seems as though everyone wants to offer the newly married couple their thoughts on the matter. Not only is some of this advice not very helpful, but some of it can be downright horrible!

Types of Diamond Jewelry

Given a choice and access to a good credit card, a woman would love to own a little of everything from a simple diamond solitaire ring to the most elaborate of gold diamond hoop earrings and gold stud diamond earrings. For me however diamond necklaces and pendants hold special attraction and if you have not yet fallen for these beauties, wait till you see as to what all is on offer today.

5 Diamond Engagement Ring Cuts That Sparkle Most

The sparkle and dazzle of your beloved’s ring is all dependent on the engagement ring cut you chose. Here we consider the five cuts that produce the most sparkle.

The Myths and Superstitions Behind The Opal?

Few engagement ring designers specialise in opal gemstones when compared with others. Could this be because of their superstitious reputation?

Glashutte – A Look Back in Time

One of the many features of the luxury industry is that it is highly cyclical and most importantly it is greatly driven by the increasing wealth around the globe. Jewellery and Watches form a part of this industry, and both of these sub segments share similar characteristics and growth drivers.

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