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World Championship Rings

World Series rings are awards given to every player in Major League baseball who has won the World Series. Started in the 1922 World Series when rings were given to the members of the winning team, the New York Giants, courtesy companies like Tiffany& Co or Balfour, they have grown in stature and size. They flaunt the team’s logo in precious stones like diamonds and rubies and are set in 14 carat white gold. Teams buying their own members have a system of classification with the grandest rings for their top players, and watered down versions for players lower down the rank and team employees. While the first rings had a couple of diamonds, the modern-day version has over 200 diamonds!

Tips To Consider When Buying Jewelry

Whether you are buying a watch, necklace, bangle or any other piece of jewelry you should observe a number of tips for you to buy the right one. Some of these tips include: Expensive isn’t always better High price is usually associated with high quality units, but this isn’t always the case with jewelry. Just because a given piece is expensive it doesn’t mean it is the best. The unit might be expensive but unpleasing to the eye. While it’s good to buy a good quality unit, it’s also important to consider how the unit looks like. As rule of thumb, go for a piece that is of high quality and also looks good.

The Benefits of Owning a Prestigious Watch

Cartier watches are considered among the most prestigious you can own! No matter which style you prefer, they are all well made and they are going to last for decades. They are considered collectibles and family heirlooms too.

Halo Engagement Rings: The New Trendsetter in the Market

The halo effect in diamond engagement rings have led the solitaire wedding and engagement ring industry down a turn that was not taken before. Prior to this, solitaire princess cut and round cut diamond rings occupied the hearts and minds of the customers. Their beauty and brilliance paralleled none other artefacts that were brought into the showrooms with a figment of hope to counter their popularity.

What Makes Diamonds World’s Hardest Mineral?

Diamonds naturally occur in the form of rough stones that need be cut and polished to bring out the sparkling brilliance they are famous for. As we discussed earlier, diamonds are formed when carbon atoms undergo extreme pressure and heat and eventually crystallize. This process also makes diamonds the naturally occurring hardest mineral ever known.

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