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Engagement Rings Throughout History

While engagement rings seem as though they’ve been around forever, history gives us a pretty clear idea of how the tradition started. Betrothal rings or engagement bands have been a part of many older cultures, although the way the rings were used might surprise you. For example, the ancient Greeks gave what was known as betrothal rings, and were not necessarily given before marriage.

Eco-Friendly Jewellery

In this article I describe how to avoid the conflict riddled elements of the jewellery industry like diamonds, gem stones and gold. Today there are plenty of clean alternatives available and there is no reason to feel conscience-stricken about wearing jewellery when buying it from a jeweller, who you can trust and who is true to her or his value.

U-Boat Watches Guide – Background on How These Watches Came to Be and A Look at Some Popular Ones

When it comes to jewelry, you won’t find anything more luxurious than a watch handcrafted in Italy. That’s precisely what you’ll get with U-Boat watches.

Chopard Watches Overview – Why Is This Brand So Prestigious? What Are the Most Popular Timepieces?

Chopard watches can be traced back to 1860 when a craftsman named Louis Ulysse Chopard began a workshop in a small village in Switzerland. His watches gained a reputation among buyers across Europe. In 1937, his son moved the firm to Geneva. By this point, the timepieces were beginning to make an impression on buyers around the world.

Rado Watches Review – Award-Winning Watch-Maker That Offers the R5.5 Series, Sintra Jubile and More

Some of the most innovative timepieces on the market are Rado watches. These were first introduced in 1962 when the scratch-resistant Diastar watch was released. The pieces offered by this brand have always been made out of high-tech materials such as ceramic. The V10K model is the hardest watch ever made. Where this brand really stands out, however, is its development of a high-tech diamond material to use in watches.

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