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Bling Out Your Holiday Spirit With Custom Jewelry

It’s nice to change things up sometimes for the holidays, but do away with presents and you’ll leave kids and retailers in tears. Instead, try decorating your tree with gorgeous custom jewelry. Sure, you can hang tinsel and colored balls and know it will look okay, only because you’ve been using them since Santa was just “a tad overweight”. Now, imagine the reaction from your family and friends when they walk in expecting the same old same old and encounter a tree like none they’ve ever seen. Watch their eyes brighten as they admire the new look that features stunning custom jewelry instead of worn out baubles and trinkets.

What To Know Before Buying Blue Diamond Jewelry

Blue diamonds are some of the most expensive colored stones out there. The naturally occurring stones are very rare and they owe their beautiful color to traces of boron, a chemical element found within the stones structure. In some cases, they contain certain amounts of hydrogen.

Why Do Fewer Couples Opt for a Yellow Gold Engagement Ring?

A yellow gold engagement ring is beautiful and durable, but most people choose platinum, palladium or white gold. The main reasons for this are the appearance and rising cost of gold set with a white diamond. At the moment, the trend in the jewellery market favours the combination of a white metal with a white diamond.

Top Jewellery Trends To Watch Out For In 2015

I love that no matter where you’re going and what the dress code is, that it can take just one fantastic piece of jewellery to make all the difference. Whether big, small, sparkling, subtle or anything in between; the right piece of jewellery can help make any outfit, the perfect outfit. Like fashion, the jewellery industry is constantly undergoing changes and every season there are always the latest and greatest trends to keep up with! Whether you prefer to keep it simple and stick with what you know or like me, you’re always on the lookout to see what the world’s leading designers now have up their sleeves, it is always fun keeping up with the latest trends.

Tips On Wearing And Caring For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

If you have a diamond ring, you have a valuable possession and you need to know how to get the most value from it. You should be able to enjoy wearing your elegant ring knowing that it helps to compliment your entire look. Regardless of the size, taking care of your engagement ring will help to make sure that it lasts and continues to look good for a long time.

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