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Simple Tips for Watch Buying

Even best dressed people can be foxed when the time comes to buying the right watch. Just as ‘clothes maketh the man’, a watch is a distinct style statement and a complex one at that. It is therefore useful to ask yourself some questions before setting out to buy one.

The Origins of Diamond Engagement Rings

Think you know all about diamond engagement rings? Our amazing facts beg to differ.

Welsh Gold Engagement Rings Make for a Unique and Special Proposal

With the shifting spotlight on the importance of going green in this day and age, it is no surprise that many like to focus on finding local materials to use in their keepsakes. This idea holds true when considering rare Welsh gold as couples start looking for their gold engagement rings. Kate Middleton’s wedding ring was made from Welsh gold, so it’s no surprise that going local has continued to grow in popularity.

Unisex Watches

Changing fashion trends are reflecting a ‘gender mash-up’ over the past few years and watch designs are fallout of this changing trend. The result is ‘unisex watches’, which are not only versatile but fashionable. Over the years, watches have come to represent a ‘lifestyle’ more than the actual design and values have been enhanced because of this factor.

Guarantee a Long Term Relationship With Your Jewellery With a Warranty

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this means love-struck couples everywhere will be looking for that perfect gift for their beloved better halves. For many, this might mean a special or even custom made piece of jewellery.

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