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How to Make Attractive Lampwork Beads

Making glass dates back to pre-golden ages, and it is difficult to imagine a world without glass. In the early days, it may have been a well-kept secret, which was kept in the family and passed down to generations. Glass was a luxury in many societies and ownership was restricted to royalty. The secret eventually got out to select few artisans, who developed variations of new products such as lampwork beads.

Making Attractive Jewellery With Pewter Beads

Pewter is actually a metal that is made of many different metals. It is called an alloy and consists of antimony, copper, lead and tin. When all the metals are combined, you get a dull, dark, silver looking finish, which produces a classic look. The metal is used for a wide variety of purposes that include drinking mugs, platters, serving utensils, and items for the kitchen.

Add The Special Touch With Swarovski Beads

The name Swarovski is almost fully associated with high quality jewellery, especially crystals. The renowned sparkling Swarovski beads can adorn almost everything from watches, appliances, dresses and they are even found in handheld gadgets and clothes.

How to Buy Loose Diamonds

Everyone loves the look and feel of a diamond. The sharpness of the design mixed with the splendor of each facet. Yet there is always a sense of unease when buying loose diamonds.

Buying Essential Jewellery Supplies

There are some jewellery supplies that are essential to most jewellery makers, and even as a hobby, it will become necessary to accumulate your personal collection of items, such as pearls, gems, and beads. There may be thousands of stores, websites and locations where you may be able to purchase your jewellery supplies, but before you begin, you should have a definite idea of what you need. It will depend on the type of project, and what design elements you need to use, in addition to the types of beads with which you need to work.

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