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Wedding Bands: Finding The Perfect Fit

We all know that when it comes time to shop for that perfect engagement ring there are a million and one things to consider. From her personal styles to what suits her best; finding the right one from the many options available can easily take it out of even the most patient man but it doesn’t end there because even after you’ve found the one; your jewellery shopping abilities are still very much in need!

Fancy a ‘Fancy’ Stone? Try a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

As far as engagement jewellery goes, there is no disputing the power of the diamond as the most popular stone. Even in recent decades, when a number of alternative stones and materials made a surprising bid at its hegemonic reign, this expensive and dazzling gem has managed to maintain its foothold on the market and remains the first choice for the vast majority of couples planning to get engaged or married. Fancy diamonds, in particular, with their speckled sparkle and unique appearance, seem to strike the fancy of a significant portion of potential buyers.

Stones You May Never See Topping a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

The stones in this article are so famous and expensive it is highly unlikely they will ever grace the top of a yellow diamond engagement ring. Read on for more information.

Where to Find a Unique Engagement Ring Designer

Want to know the most likely places to find a unique engagement ring designer? Read on for more information.

Should Your Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring be Synthetic?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a synthetic yellow diamond engagement ring? Read on for more information.

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