Emerald City Beaded Earrings Tutorial

The Astrology of a Watch

As the fourth sign of the zodiac nears, the cancerian’s ruling luminary (the moon) inspired a luxury and timeless present idea! After learning more about them I found that moon phase watches are some of the most sought after and beautiful mechanic watch types available and make brilliant gifts.

Perfect Custom Jewelry for the Perfect Mother

Just like snowflakes, Lady Gaga, and Lonesome George, mothers are all unique. They all have their own look, style, personality, and je ne sais quoi that means nobody else on Earth is quite like them.

Pearls – A Girl’s New Best Friend

Say it quietly, but there’s a revolution happening in the world of jewelry. Once the reserve of only the rich and noble, the use of pearls in jewelry has exploded at all social levels in recent times.

Meeting Your Custom Jeweler

From the outside, the working day of a custom jeweler may appear to be a rather unsociable one. Isolated away for hours on end, concentrating on creating their latest masterpiece; you would be forgiven for thinking they enjoy being solitary creatures.

Why Should You Custom Design Your Engagement Ring?

From clothes to furniture or musical instruments to vehicles, the idea of paying to have something custom made can be intimidating for some. Concerns about the cost are usually at the forefront of the apprehension, although there may also be doubts over whether going through the whole process is even necessary when there are plenty of off-the-shelf alternatives to match almost any budget.

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