Fairy Garden Beaded Bracelet Tutorial Part 1

Why Beads For Jewelry Making Are Not The Only Items You Need For A Simple Jewelry Project

When many people think about jewelry making for pleasure, they often think about beads, beads and more beads, but if you spend a little more time considering the pastime, you will realize that beads for jewelry making are not the only component that you will need. Although beads for jewelry making are very important, there are plenty of other components that you will need if you are planning on making an item of jewelry which is both fashionable and functional. Here are some of the additional components that you will need to buy if you want to make the simplest pieces of jewelry which can be worn over and over again.

Trend in Vintage Engagement Rings Touches Men’s Jewellery

There has been a growing trend in vintage engagement rings for some time. Read on to discover how it has influenced men’s jewellery too.

The Influences Behind Retro Vintage Engagement Rings

The influences behind retro-inspired vintage engagement rings are fascinating. They reflect pivotal moments of the 20th century.

Buying Jewellery For Men: Top Tips

When it comes to buying jewellery we all automatically assume it is just the poor men out there who have to face hours upon end of traipsing through shops, conducting research and praying that the special someone will like what you buy but what about us women? Shouldn’t we be shopping for the men in our lives too?

Making Wedding Favors With Beading Supplies

If you are planning a wedding, then one of the things that you will need to think about for your big day are the wedding favors that you will put out on the tables for your guests to enjoy. Hand making your wedding favors can be a great way to help you to cut your costs if you want to save money, but you also want to give your guests something meaningful. Hand making each item will give you the opportunity to add little personalized touches to each favor, so that all of your guests will realize that you appreciate their presence.

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