Fairy Garden Beaded Bracelet Tutorial Part 2

Blue Diamond or Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Blue sapphire engagement rings are often assumed to be the only choice when choosing blue. Diamonds, however, also come in blue. Read on for more.

Ruby or Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

There is a widespread belief that ruby engagement rings and pink sapphire engagement rings are two different things. Are they?

Why Buy From an Engagement Ring Designer?

Have you considered buying your ring from an engagement ring designer? Learn why this is the best route to sourcing the perfect ring.

Considerations Before Meeting Your Engagement Ring Designer

Choosing the right engagement ring designer to help create your perfect ring is exciting. Consider the following before that first meeting.

Tips for Before You Research Engagement Ring Designers

We all know designing a ring is a time consuming process. Less so, however, if you do the following before considering engagement ring designers.

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