Fairy Garden Beaded Bracelet Tutorial Part 3

Turning a Rough Gem into an Engagement Ring Cut

In the jewellery trade, an engagement ring cut refers to the shape of the gemstone mounted into the ring, such as an oval, pear, or heart, but it can also refer to the specific quality of the cut of the stone with respect to its light-reflecting qualities. In this second meaning of the term, it is generally known that an engagement ring cut can have a direct impact on the price of a jewellery piece, but have you ever wondered how this process happens? When diamonds, or any jewel for that matter, emerge from the earth, they are…

The Glitz of a Diamond Necklace

The glitz of diamonds shall forever compliment the shine and sparkle of a woman’s eyes. The perfect gift to give to a woman in life would be presenting her with a beautiful diamond necklace. One can get the Georgian diamond which is full of glitz and glamour and make her realize how special she is.

The Princess Engagement Ring Cut

An engagement ring cut refers to a gemstone’s reflective qualities, as well as its geometric shape. The most popular engagement ring cut after the round and the preferred square cut shape is the princess- a brilliant cut stone with sharp and spiked corners. Known as a fancy shape, it is generally seen as a square more often than as a rectangular shape in order to create as much light and fire as possible.

The Marquise Engagement Ring Cut

Every woman wants a ring that is going to dazzle and sparkle, and for this reason, a man should know about the engagement ring cut he is in the market for. This refers to the light-reflective qualities, as well as geometric shape, of the gemstone set in the ring. Featuring an elongated, curved shape and pointed ends, the marquise cut often looks larger than other gems of the same carat weight.

FAIRMINED White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings are made from an alloying process that combines the pure yellow metal with other light coloured ones such as silver, palladium and nickel. However, nickel is rarely used anymore because of its deleterious side effects (dermatitis allergies, increased exposure to carcinogens). Like all precious jewellery pieces, the materials that go into making white gold engagement rings all originate from the earth.

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