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Don’t Float in The Mainstream, Be Alternative With Loose Diamonds

It should really come as no surprise that December is the biggest month of the entire year for fine jewelry sales. You might think its February, being Valentine’s month and all, but it is actually the Christmas month that takes the top prize for jewelry sales. Are you wondering why that is? Not only does fancy diamond jewelry make for spectacular Christmas presents for all of the ladies on your shopping list, but there are also numerous holiday proposals that happen this time of year.

Keeping the Engagement Ring Safe Before the Special Day

Proposing to the woman you love is a nerve-wracking event all on its own. You want to get everything just right – not just what you say to her while you are on bended knee, but all the way down to the smallest details of the engagement ring. You want to surprise her, excite her, and – of course – get her to say yes.

Diamond Engagement Rings for Young Lovers

When you’re young and in love, it’s easy to get caught by the wedding bug. Guy or girl, love can easily shoot you right through the heart and send you on a path heading straight for the altar.

Loose Diamonds Make For A Secure Investment Plan

It may seem hard to believe when you walk into a jewelry store and see all of the different pieces of diamond jewelry on display, especially when you go to behemoth superstores of jewelry, that there is a finite amount of diamonds available, and that once they’re gone, they’re. It’s true. I mean, eventually there will be more diamonds, as soon as the earth presses down hard enough on buried carbon molecules to turn them into diamonds.

Cash for Gold or Engagement Rings: Advertising

While driving down the road, you are bound to see a slew of signs and advertisements scattered alongside the highway. These billboards and signs come in a variety of sizes and advertise everything from cash for gold to engagement rings.

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