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How to Clean Designer Earrings

A nice pair of designer earrings can truly make you look your best. Wearing stunning gold, silver, diamond and semi-precious stone earrings can truly help you look your best. One thing to be aware of when you buy this type of jewelry would be the fact these selections can only look their best when properly taken care of.

A Nod to Tradition in the Form of Jewelry

The Jewish culture is one of the most substantial in terms of history and tradition. Stretching from the earliest days of civilization, the Jewish people and their culture have been a significant part of society.

Why Is the Price of Gold So High These Days?

The last few years have seen a flurry of interest around selling unwanted gold jewelry. As the price of gold has climbed to historic highs, literally millions have traded unwanted gold for cash to use for a variety of purposes – be it a vacation, home renovation, or to turn around and buy a new necklace, ring, or pendant. Even as recently as five or six years ago, gold wasn’t drawing a fraction of the interest it is today.

The Purple Gem

What is an amethyst? It has many powerful qualities, for healing and its beauty to wear.

Mesmerizing and Royal Asscher-Cut Diamond Rings

Joseph Asscher is believed to be the first person to have introduced a cut for diamonds in the shape of a square featuring as many as 72 facets in 1902. Hence, this cut gets his name and is known as ‘Asscher-cut diamonds.’ The unique quality of this cut is its deep corners that create an illusionary octagonal shape thereby enhancing the stone’s glitter.

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