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Hints And Tips To Find The Perfect Sapphire Engagement Ring

Having trouble finding the perfect sapphire engagement ring? The following advice about choosing the right sapphire may help decide on the best one for you.

The Rise of Sapphire Engagement Rings: A Beautiful Option

Growth in popularity – The renewed interest in sapphire engagement rings is partly due to Kate Middleton’s engagement ring given to her by Prince William. Before that, the same ring was given to Diana Spencer by Prince Charles at their engagement, but there is more to the story of how sapphires have grown in popularity and demand in the past thirty years. Affordable option Sapphires have gone from being scarce and rare to being an affordable option as a gemstone for your engagement ring.

Exquisite and Ethical Diamond Engagement Rings From Canada

Conflict free diamonds – When engaged couples start to look at diamond engagement rings, more and more want to know where the diamond has come from, and more importantly, is it conflict free? With growing awareness of how child labour and violence is used in the diamond mining industry, how can the consumer actually find out if the diamonds on sale are ethically mined? In response to press coverage in 2003 highlighting the murky world of diamond mining, the Kimberly process was launched, and with the co-operation of the diamond industry, certifies diamonds that are not used…

Explore the Fancy Colours of Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. Blue sapphire is a particularly well-known colour of the gemstone, but there are others.

Beyond the Blue: Sapphire Engagement Rings in Rainbow Colours

Blue is not the only colour for sapphire engagement rings. There is a vast spectrum from which to choose.

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