Gloria’s Ribbon (Cubic Right Angle Weave)

Effective Use Of Blue Sapphire In Astrology

Blue Sapphire is an effective gemstone which represents the planet Saturn. It is considered as the symbol of royalty and romance. It provides miraculous results especially in Saturn transits like ‘Sade Sati’ and reduces the malefic effect of this powerful planet.

Silver Pendant Jewelry

One of the most popular metals for making jewellery, silver ornaments are forming the new stylish trends. Read more to know how silver jewelry has become versatile.

Your Wrists Deserve Some Dressing Up Too

It’s always fun to experiment with different accessories and go with the trend and sees what suits you and your sense of style the most. There are tons of varieties available now in the market now a day’s that gives you a lot of options to experiment with your fashion game. Bracelets are one of those accessories that a lot of girls really have fun to shop for, they love experimenting with various looks and buying different styles to match with different kinds of outfits.

The History of Diamond District: 47th Street in Manhattan, New York City

The world-renowned Diamond District at 47th Street in Manhattan has a rich history and compelling birth story. Today’s Diamond District is located in the heart of New York City but this was not always the case. Its roots trace back to the Centuries-Old Hasidic Community from Eastern Europe and the Jewish Community has played a vital role in the establishment of the Diamond District in Manhattan. Jews’ next generations are still continuing their family’s legacy in the diamond stores of 47th street in New York City.

Where Are Beaded Necklaces Today in Fashion Among Men?

Body decorations as well as jewelry appeared not necessarily out of the need to show some form of artistic manifestation, but rather to express religious respect. How could man actually stand out by looks and attitude in front of the “gods” on a special days? From such a perception to actually using body jewelry, there was only a small step to make; beaded necklaces were definitely among the easiest to manufacture, since round shapes have always been the most common in all societies.

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