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Reverse Hoop Earrings – What You Need to Know

Here you will find a brief look at a new style of hoop earrings. You will find out what makes these hoops different, and what to look for when buying them.

I Want to Have Beautiful Jewelry Too! A Guide to Hypo-Allergenic Jewelry

Even people with metal allergies deserve to wear beautiful jewelry. This article will help you discover what to look for to find hypo-allergenic jewelry.

Breitling Watches Overview – A Guide to the Brand, the Watches, Materials, and More

If there is one brand that really knows how to make technical timepieces, it’s Breitling. Since the 1880s, Breitling watches have been popular products. They have always been developed and produced in the company’s own workshops rather than being outsources.

TAG Heuer Watches Review – A Look at the Company and Some of the Popular Timepieces It Offers

TAG Heuer has always been synonymous with quality where watches are concerned. The company has been producing luxurious timepieces since 1860. It was then that watchmaker Edouard Heuer opened up his first shop. Over the years, TAG Heuer watches have earned themselves an unsurpassed reputation for gold-standard precision. It has been providing official timing services for world-class events such as the Olympic games and the FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

Blast From the Past: Vintage Engagement Rings

Retro is always cool. Every year, it’s a slightly younger retro, but that’s mostly irrelevant. Especially today, in the shadows of a recovering economy, re-using old anything is incredibly popular. Vintage aesthetics are really big right now, so it only makes sense that vintage engagement rings are a growing section of the market.

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