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About Pandora Charms

I don’t think there is anyone who won’t like Pandora charms. They are extremely beautiful and won’t cost an arm and a leg. Below are a few good things you may want to know about them.

Some Categories of Pandora Charms

If you are into Pandora charms, then we would like to let you know that they fall into various categories, such as animal charms, alphabet charms, drink and food related charms, and so on. Some charms can fall into more than one category at a time. For instance, birthday cake charms can come under both the drink and food category. Let us know more about it.

Diamond Engagement Rings’ Alternatives

Ruby, garnet or emerald engagement rings are only some of the possible alternatives to the traditional diamond. Read on for more information.

Yellow Engagement Rings: Spotlight on the Citrine

For fans of yellow engagement rings, a citrine represents an unusual and uniquely charming alternative for a stone. Read on for more information.

Watch Your Ruby Engagement Ring When Murph the Surf Is About!

If you ever come across Jack Rowland Murphy, you had better watch your ruby engagement ring carefully. In fact, get your ring insured as par for the course.

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