Ice Princess Beaded Earrings Tutorial

Selecting an Amazing Swiss Timepiece

JLC watches are one of the best brands you can consider when you are interested in a Swiss watch. The full brand name is Jaeger LeCoultre and you will be among a prestigious group of people who wear them. This isn’t your typical every day timepiece and when you have one, people are going to notice it!

Pearls in the City – Perth

The most revered of all – South Sea Pearls – is highly prized amongst the communities of the world. It is cultured from the Pinctada maxima oysters, found on the seabed off the waters of north-western Australia. The reasons behind its fine quality is perfect environmental conditions, thanks to the government, as well as the modern pearling techniques.

Longines La Grande Classique Watches – Representing Creativity

Longines is one of the classic Swiss watch brand that creates watches with superior techniques. La Grande Classique watches presents the brand’s heritage and genius in making watches. This content unveils some pleasing timepieces from the La Grande Classique collection.

The Color Wheel State of Mind

Mood rings have been proving existence for almost a decade now and will continue to enchant the users.The perception that everything exists for a reason brings to defense the existence of mood rings. Mood rings have this quality of changing color with change in body temperature of the individual wearing it.

Opal Jewelry – Necklace

Jewelry or ‘jewellery’ as the British spell it, has always held a fascination, particularly for the girls. Guys or ‘blokes’ as they call them in Australia, would hardly know the difference between a Necklace and a Pendant. Well, this article doesn’t focus on THAT subject but rather explains some interesting facts about Opal pendants and necklaces. For example, why does an opal change color without the need of facets… read on.

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