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Why Do Engagement Rings Make Others Crazy?

It seems as though whenever you tell someone you are engaged, they want to offer you as much advice as they possibly can, or they immediately ask you when you are getting married. Some people just say they have been dating seriously for a little while and people still want to know when the big date is.

Stones to Top Your Pink Engagement Ring

If you are looking to commission a pink engagement ring from your favourite designer, here are some stones which could be used. Read on for more information.

Design Options While Choosing A Platinum Ring

Platinum is a metal that has similar chemical and structural properties of metals like iridium, osmium, rhodium, ruthenium and palladium. These metals are collectively known as platinum group metals. Platinum has a natural bright, white color that doesn’t fade with time. It is strong, long-lasting and tarnish resistant. However it scratches easily, but since the metal is solid, it doesn’t flake. This quality makes it excellent for engraving because the metal won’t wear away. It is heavier than gold and is hypoallergenic, i.e. it doesn’t cause any allergy.

6 Steps To Buying Quality Sapphire Engagement Rings

There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for a sapphire engagement ring. Follow these six steps and guarantee yourself a quality purchase.

Edwardian Era Vintage Engagement Rings

Does your fiancé have a traditional sense of fashion? Learn here about Edwardian style vintage engagement rings so she can dazzle like the princess she is.

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