Interview with Kate McKinnon of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork

Information on Loose Diamonds and Their Hues

The fascination for diamonds has never ever died. This can be attributed to its unusual beauty, shine and structure. Diamonds are said to be the most enduring and brilliant stones.

The Gemstone Amethyst

Amethyst is a quartz crystal that appears in various shades of violet from a beautiful deep purple to light pinkish violet. In earlier days it was considered as a precious stone alongside Emerald, Diamond and Sapphire, and the cost was also in the range of these other very precious stones, but as large deposits were found in the later years, the price have dropped quite substantially. Purple is regarded as a royal color and many royalties have included Amethyst in their collection, including the British royalties.

Gemstones in History

Gemstones are colored bits of rock that have fascinated successive civilizations for centuries. From the Incas of South America obsessed with emeralds more than 5000 years ago to rajahs and maharajas and their fabulous collections of jewels in the sprawling Indian Peninsula to present day monarchs that have dedicated towers for their royal baubles (we’re looking at you Queen Elizabeth!)-gemstones have captivated people’s imagination and held on tight!

Wedding Bands and You

Cheap wedding bands don’t have to look cheap. Removing diamonds completely from the equation is a fantastic way to reduce the ring’s price tag even more.

The Importance of Wedding Bands

When shopping for cheap wedding bands, you certainly don’t want to settle for something that looks cheap! There are many options for someone looking for affordable wedding bands and none of these options include aiming so low as to walk away with something that looks like it came out of a gumball dispenser.

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