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A Three Stone Ring Offers the Best Combination of a Traditional and Modern Look

Sapphire engagement rings when arranged in a three stone setting are extraordinarily elegant. Most gems compliment a sapphire beautifully.

Engineer Creates LED Engagement Ring

The ultimate of proposal ideas. An engineer created a custom engagement ring that is LED-powered and lights up whenever he is near.

Advantages Of Sapphire Engagement Rings

There are certain advantages to picking sapphire engagement rings over diamond ones. Learn about them here.

Untreated Versus Natural Sapphire Engagement Rings

Couples shopping for sapphire engagement rings will often hear about ‘untreated’ and ‘natural’ stones. But is there a difference?

Keep Smelling Fresh With a Unique Perfume Pendant Collection

Jewelry has always been adored by women in all cultures and civilizations. Women have always adored stepping out wearing elegant jewelry with intricate, artistic designs.

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