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Truth in Advertising – Cheap Engagement Rings Are the New Norm

There are all sorts of traditions that surround the act of giving a woman an engagement ring, and these traditions date back thousands of years. One supposedly traditional element is the fact that an engagement ring should cost two month’s salary.

Why GIA Certified Loose Diamonds Are in Demand?

The difference between certified and non-certified loose diamonds is huge. Normally, certified diamonds cost more than the ones without any certificates. This is because; the diamonds are evaluated and certified by third-parties and not by the sellers or buyers.

What to Look for When Buying Loose Diamonds?

Many of us become nervous while buying diamonds from online stores. This might be due to ignorance about diamonds or you might not have any clue about what aspects you need to check while buying them. Even comprehensive, scientific information about loose diamonds depicted in the form of symbols, numbers and ratings can confuse you.

Imitation Rhodium Plating Jewelry for Your Delicate Lady Love

Rhodium is a metal element that belongs to the same family as platinum. It is the 45th element in the periodic table and gets its name from the Greek word “Rhodon,” because under the microscope, the element looks like a rose. It s a very expensive metal, almost ten times as expensive as gold and is very shiny.

Purchase Loose Diamonds at E-Marts to Reap Rewards

Once an expensive commodity, loose diamonds are now reasonably priced so that it can be bought by anyone of any economic background. Thanks to the online loose diamond sellers and dealers as they are the main source behind the reduction in their prices. It is believed that nearly 80 percent of the prices are cut when sold online.

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