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The Different Types of Gold Engagement Ring

This article deals with the advantages, disadvantages and uses of the three most common types of gold engagement ring. Read on for more information.

The Many Faces of a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Did you think a sapphire engagement ring always had to be blue? Think again. This jewel comes in all manner of appealing colours.

The Appeal of a Classic Engagement Ring Band

Much like the high visual impact of an engagement ring band, a more classic or simpler choice can also have its appeal. Read on for more information.

Flashy Versus Plain Engagement Ring Band: Which to Choose?

Which is better? A plain engagement ring band or one topped by a flashy stone?

Why You Should Use Toggle Jewelry Clasps

If you like making jewelry, then you may be interested in finding new ways to make sure that your jewelry fits safely and securely, without any risk of it falling off and getting broken. There are lots of different types of jewelry clasps available on the market, including magnetic, screw and lobster claw clasps. Each type of fastening has its own pros and cons, and individual fastenings may be chosen by jewelry makers for many different reasons.

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