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The History Of Emerald Engagement Rings

Like sapphire and ruby pieces, emerald engagement rings have managed to hold their place in the diamond-dominated engagement ring world. Here’s why.

How to Enhance a Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings’ Natural Assets

The most prominent feature of coloured, and especially yellow diamond engagement rings, is colour. This can be enhanced to add value and beauty to the ring.

Is Getting Engaged The Right Thing To Do?

Many people wonder when the right time to get engaged actually is. Here are four signs that getting engaged just might be the right thing to do.

Green Engagement Rings: Why Not Choose Moissanite?

Moissanite is a diamond simulant of meteoric origin. It can be an interesting choice to top green engagement rings or yellow engagement rings.

The Pink Engagement Rings’ Best Friend: Rose Gold

The rise in popularity of pink engagement rings has directly led to an increase in demand for rose gold. A match made in heaven.

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