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How to Use a Chronograph Watch

Learn all about how to use a chronograph watch in 5 minutes. Chronograph watches are complicated devices with many functions, which includes a basic use as a time keeper and also a stop watch. Because of it’s complications, many people do not understand how to use them. This article will give a very brief overview on how to operate them and also some of the different ways that they can be used.

Couple Ring: A Look At Promise Rings

A promise ring is one of the most common rings among couples. While the piece is usually given as a promise that the couple will marry, the ring can also be used to symbolize other things such as: a promise to be faithful, keep a secret, to save virginity and many other things.

Emerald Engagement Rings – Ring Design Ideas

An emerald is certainly one of the most attractive and most well-known gemstones. Colored in vibrant shiny green color, which is so distinctive that it is known as the emerald green. So if you are considering of presenting a ring to your beloved, why not use an emerald in it?

Three Strand Pearl Necklaces

The Three-strand pearl necklace is a fashion standard and has been one of the staples of every fashion-conscious lady for a very long time. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is particularly fond of these and is known to have three sets of triple-strand pearl necklaces which form the basis of her wardrobe. One of these beautiful necklaces was a gift to her from her grandfather, King George V, to celebrate his Silver Jubilee in 1935.

When It Comes to Jewelry Repair, Trust the Experts

Jewelry repair involves very fine skills and specific equipment, so it should be left to professionals even if you think you can manage it at home. Repairing and restoring jewelry is the specialty of craftspeople who know these processes like the backs of their hands.

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