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Ebel Watches Guide to Classic Sports Collection, Beluga Manchette, and Other Wristwatches

If there is one watch brand that deserves to be called chic and sophisticated, it’s Ebel. Since the brand was first established by a husband and wife team a century ago, some of the most gorgeous wristwatches have been released. In the early 1900s, pocket watches were the norm. This changed when Eugene Blum and Alice Levy established their company in Switzerland. Ebel watches became the result of Eugene’s technical knowledge and Alice’s elegant designs.

Buying Jewellery to Suit the Personality of the Wearer

Women simply love jewellery. In fact, they find it irresistible and they often feel incomplete without wearing a piece of it. It adds to their personality, especially when appearing in social gatherings, though it frequently forms a part of their work look too.

Handmade Beaded Earrings Offer Style, Unique Flair

Everywhere you look today, you can see the handmade jewelry revolution. Women are making their own necklaces, bracelets and earrings in record numbers. The variety of styles, colors and materials available in bead selections today is astounding. Anyone with an ounce of creativity can make beautiful jewelry easily and afford-ably. There are just a few things that need to be thought about, first.

Steampunk Jewelry Pays Homage to Vintage Science Fiction

In the 1980s, a whole new kind of jewelry came into being. Steampunk jewelry takes its inspiration from the bygone era when steam engines were first developed. Cog and gear inspired beads and findings accentuate the industrial aspect of this unique type of jewelry.

My Mother’s Engagement Ring (Or Lack Thereof)

My mother never really had a fancy engagement ring that came with a good story. In fact, my father and she spent most of their courtship on opposite ends of the country while he was in the military and she was home in small town Minnesota.

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