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Build Your Own Amethyst Ring

Make a statement with an eye catching ring that you can make for yourself with amethysts. The most basic thing about looking good is to understand what suits you. One of the biggest fashion mistakes many women make is to blindly follow trends and not care whether it suits them or not.

Build Your Own Amethyst Jewelry

Make your jewelry come alive with the vivid amethyst. Most fashion conscious women are finicky about what they wear. If you’re someone who would love to fall in this slot where everything looks in sync and perfectly coordinated but are daunted at the thought of the expenses attached, just relax.

Build Your Own Amethyst Pendant Necklace

Create a stir with your creation of a novel neck piece that flaunts the beautiful amethysts. There’s a lot you can achieve by wearing the right neck pieces. Ranging from sober to suggestive, plain metal ones to gemstone studded beauties, intricately designed or basic you can get any look you want.

Build Your Own Amethyst Earrings

Always adored, earrings look even prettier with amethysts especially when you make them. Use the passionate purple amethysts to make something truly extraordinary.

Three Reasons to Care About the Source of Your Jewelry

Jewelry stores are popping up everywhere. They’re on your ads online, your TV during commercial breaks and seemingly being built on every corner. However, not all jewelry stores are the same. They can vary greatly and you should know the differences before doing business with any of them. There are several factors in choosing a jeweler but verifying the source of your jewelry is one of the most important. Here are three reasons to care about the source of your jewelry.

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