Mandala Flowers Beaded Necklace Tutorial Part 2

Why Do Bead Sellers Sell Attractive Discount Beads?

Anyone who is interested in jewelry making would be thrilled to get notification of discount beads and jewelry items which are selling at a bargain price. On the other hand, some people may worry that these items are selling at a discount because they are low-quality goods, or products which are damaged. However, there is no need to worry about why your favorite merchants are selling discount beads at such a fabulous prices, because there are loads of reasons why bead sellers may choose to sell their products at a discount.

What Are Jewelry Findings And Why Should I Use Them

If you are new to the world of jewelry making, then you may still be struggling to get to grips with some of the terminology which is used as part of the hobby. You may have read a lot of instructional lists which tell you to use jewelry findings as part of your creations, but you may be uncertain as to what a jewelry finding actually is. Here is a quick guide to explain to you what jewelry findings are, and what circumstances they may be used in.

How to Create a Pair of Bookends With Fabric And Cheap Beads

Everybody who loves to read will know what it is like to have hundreds of books cluttering up their house, with nowhere to put them all. Every surface becomes a storage space for much loved favourites, points of reference and classic cookbooks. As your collection slowly grows, you will have to make the choice between putting up more bookshelves or throwing some of your beloved collection away.

5 Tips to Help You Stay Safe When Using Jewelry Making Wire And Wire Cutters

Jewelry making wire is a very versatile piece of jewelry making equipment and is one which all jewelry makers should have, and have in a number of different thicknesses. It can be used for both functional and decorational purposes, so it is incredibly useful. However, because jewelry making wire and the tools which you use with it can be sharp, you may have some safety concerns.

The Value of Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring is nerve-wracking. You want to make the best choice possible to match her style and personality. After you have finally come to a decision and taken the plunge into your wallet, you hang on the anticipation of knowing her reaction will be priceless.

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