Mandala Flowers Beaded Necklace Tutorial Part 3

Pearls and Religion

Most people will not instantly link religion with pearls. However, through the generations there have been many references and also significance related to pearls.

How to Maintain Your Silver Jewelry

Silver is known for its beauty and versatility. It is widely used to make different kinds of artifacts, dinnerware, and cutlery, etc. Jewelry like silver ring and silver bracelet is the most popular and well-known form of silver.

Make a Statement With Fashion Rings

Looking to make a statement with your jewelry without spending a bundle? This is certainly the season for fashion rings. Budget fashions as are snapping up this trend left and right. A fashion ring is a ring that has a decorative flare to it and makes a statement.

The Rules Of Engagement – For Women

Has the gentleman in your life at last popped the big question? Or even do you suppose he could be about to? If the reply to either question is “Yes”, you are very likely thinking about engagement rings. Perhaps even worrying… Will you like the ring he picks?

Keep Your Jewellery Thoroughly Clean

Jewellery looks at its greatest when thoroughly clean. Clean gemstones sparkle so much more than unclean ones. Rings especially need regular cleaning. Washing hands and washing dishes is not going to clean the rings you happen to be sporting; as a matter of fact it helps make them dirty. The grease in soap, cosmetics, hand-cream and dirty dishwater are going to adhere to your gemstones.

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